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By | January 9, 2018

Pan Card Verification : PAN Card Verification is very simple and easy.In order to verify PAN Card certain entities are only entitiled.PAN Card verification can be done by someone else apart from the appicant given the fact that he has required necessary documents.The online verification of PAN Card is carried out by UTI Infrastucture Technology and Services Limited or NSDL e-Governance Infrastucture Limited.From this online facility applicant can verify their PAN Card by submitting the required details. you can check here also pan card status by name and pan number

Since verification facility is not available online it is compulsory for the applicant to register online.There are three mediums through which PAN Card verification can take place and they are as follows:

How To Verify Pan Card Verification By Name Online

pan verification

1.Software (API) based PAN Card Number Verification

In this system the online facility will allow the user to make a verification of PAN by accessing a verification site through a software application.

Pan Verification

2.File Based PAN Card Verification

1.The applicant has to login into the account.

2.Applicant has to upload a file containing upto a max 1000 PAN’s in the given structure which is mentioned by NSDL e-governance.

3.Within 24 hrs of uploading and submitting the file the site offer all the PAN details.

4.If the format of file uploaded by user is wrong then a rejection message is conveyed to the user.


3.Screen based PAN Card Verification

1.The applicant must first login to the site.

2.After logging in the user must furnish a maximum of five PAN’s in the screen provided and submit it.

3.The details of the PAN’s provided are given out as results.


Now let us see who is eligible for verification of PAN.Given below is the list of groups and individuals who are eligible for PAN verification.

  1. Companies (Required to furnish Annual Information Return)
  2. Any other entity required to furnish Annual Information Return
  3. Stock Exchanges/Commodity Exchanges/Clearing Corporations
  4. Depositories
  5. Government Agencies (Central/State)
  6. Income Tax Projects
  7. Reserve Bank of India
  8. Department of Commercial Taxes
  9. Goods and Services Tax Network
  10. Non Banking Financial companies that are approved by RBI
  11. Banks
  12. Insurance company
  13. Insurance repository
  14. Companies and Government deductor that are required to file TDS/TCS return
  15. Mutual Funds
  16. Credit card Companies
  17. Educational Institutions established by Regulatory Bodies.

Pan Card Verification UTI/NSDL

Let us find out how to register for Online PAN Verification Suppose if a applicant  want to Register for Online PAN verification with NSDL e-Gov then he has to submit some documents.Applicant should provide a signed copy of the terms and conditions on the letterhead of th entity along with the authorization letter along with a demand draft for the charges.

Now let us see what are the details which are required to register for Online PAN Verification.

Organisational details required to register for the Online PAN No Verification

  • Name of the entity
  • TAN/PAN of the entity
  • Category of the entity
  • Other personal details
  • Contact details

Payment details required to register for the Online PAN Card Verification

  • Payment amount
  • Mode of Payment
  • Instument Number

Digital Signature Certificate details required to register for PAN Verification

  • Name of the Certifying authority
  • Class of the Digital Signature Certificate
  • Digital Signature Certificate Serial Number

Now let us find out the way for tracking the status of Registration.Authorized entities who has attempted to register for Online PAN Verification can track the status of their Registration with he help of acknowledgement number that is given to them.Upon successful registration a message will be displayed on screen along with the User ID bearing the same.In the same way upon the rejection of the application a message bearing the same will be displayed on the screen.

Now let us see about the Authorization of Registration.Registration of an entity for online PAN Verification has to be approved by the Income Tax Department.After the applicant registers for the facility registration request will be forwarded by the NSDL e-gov to the Incometax Department provided the applicant should fill the form throughly,provided the right kind of documents and successfully made the payment.Applicant will be provided with the 8 digit User Id after the successful Authorization.If the request for registration has been rejected by the Incometax Department then the registration charges will be refunded to the applicant.

Let us see what are the charges for the Online PAN Verification facility.The charges  for Online PAN Verification facility are listed below

Type of facility
Minimum Annual Registration chargesService tax 14%Swachh Bharat Cess @0.5%Initial AdvanceTotal
Screen basedRs.12,000Rs.1,68060Rs.13,740
File and screen basedRs.12,000Rs.1,68060As desiredRs.13,740
Software basedRs.12,000Rs.1,68060As desiredRs.13,740


Let us see the Pre Requisite for Online PAN Verification.The below listed are the system pre requisite and other pre requisites required for the Online PAN Verification.

  • It is mandatory for an entity applying for the Registration to have the Digital Signature Certificate provided by a licensed Certifying Authority.
  • Certain pre-requisites should be maintained by the DSC based users when it comes to the system configaration of the client machines.The Pre-requisites are given below.
    • JRE version : Oracle JAVA (32-bit) 1.6 update 29 or above
    • Client Operating system : Windows XP Professional service Pack 3 , Windows 7
    • E browser version supported: 7,8,9 and 10
    • SafeNet eToken drivers used should be the latest.

Now let us take a look at the Renewal of PAN Verification facility. Online PAN Verification facility can be used only for an year before it has to be renewed.The annual Renewal facility along with other charges such as Swach Bharat Cess and Service Tax is charged with a fee of Rs.12,000.A system generated email will b recieved by the entity about the renewal due and the procedure to be followed in order to renew the facility.Renewal of the facility can be done 60 days prior to the expiry date of the verification facility.

Pan Verify Online

Some steps have to be followed in order to renew Online PAN verification facility.

  • Applicant should login with UserID using Digital Signature Certificate.
  • Applicant should choose the ‘Payment’ option.
  • Select the ‘Renewal of Facility’option.
  • All the payment details have to be filled and submit button has to be clicked.

FAQ’s on PAN Card Verification

1.Can one make application to avail Online PAN Verification facility on paper?

A:No,it is compulsory to register online to avial this facility.

2.Will i get refund of th registration charges?

A:If the Income Tax Department rejects the request for registration then the registration charge amount will be refunded.

3.What details can I avail of the PAN holder through the Online PAN Verification facility?

A:From the Online PAN Verification facility one can avail the PAN holder name,last update of PAN and Status of PAN.

4.Can I change the facility for Online PAN verification?

A:Yes,In case you want to change the facility for Online PAN Verification process there is a procedure that need to be followed.



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