Pan Card Status By Name and Date of Birth UTI/NSDL

By | January 8, 2018

Pan Card Status UTI :  PAN or Permanent Account number is a 10 digit unique identification card given to all the citizens of india who pay taxes by the Income Tax Department of India.Since PAN is a computer based system it assigns Unique Identification to every citizen who pay the tax.With this method all the tax related information of a person  is recorded against the single PAN Number which is like a primary key for storage of information.No two people of tax paying entities have the same PAN Number. we updated total information about pan card status nsdl and pan card status uti i hope this one very help for who are searching for the how to check pancard status nsdl and uti

pancard status

But now from January 1 changes have been made to PAN Card and new format has came.

Pan Card Status By Name and Date Of Birth UTI/NSDL Online

In the new pattern the QR(Quick Reponse) has been printed on the Card which carries the detials of the card holder.Also new sections like Name of the Card Holder,Father’s Name and Date Of Birth have also been added.Location of the signature has been changed. The main idea behind tha PAN is SSN or social Security Number used in the USA.SSN is  a 9 digit unique identification number issued to all the citizens of india.PAN Card is valid for entire life time of PAN Holder.So,PAN is not affected by the change of address of the  PAN Card Holder.   The below is the Old PAN Card design. here you can know uti status & much more. pan card is very important for all.

pan card status

Pan Card Application Form

PAN Card Application can be made either online at the NSDL website or applying at any district level PAN Agencies.The Online PAN Card application process is as follows.

1.Visit the TIN NSDL or UTIISL website to select the “New PAN” option.

2.Select Form 49A for Indian Citizens.

3.All the details in the form should be filled such as full name,address,date of birth,gender,telephone Number,income details etc.

4.On filling the form submit the form and pay the processing fee.

5.Page should be printed with 15 digit acknowledgement and should be signed in the space provided.

6.Passport size photo should be affixed  on the acknowledgement, proof of identity,proof of address documents and also Demand Draft.

7.The above form has to be sent to the NSDL office by post within 15 days of submitting the online application.

8.PAN will be sent to the address within 15 working days.

   Pancard status 

Offline Pan Card Apply Process & Application Form

Now let us see about the Offline PanCard Application Process.

Step 1 : First you have to download PAN Card Application Form from the NSDL or UTIISL websites or you can also collect a copy from the UTIISL agents.

Step 2 : You have to fill in the form and attach the supporting documents like photograph,proof of identity and address.

Step 3 .Next you have to submit the form and documents to the NSDL  office along with the proccesing fee.

Step 4 : PAN Card will be dispatched to the adress whichis mentioned in the form within 15 working days.

Now let us see what are the ways to track the PAN  Application status.After an individual applies for the  PAN Card it will take 15 working days to receive it.Government is providing 15 digit acknowledgement number to the applicant to keep track of the application status.There are 3 ways to track the application process and applicant can choose any of these ways to track the application status. If you have not yet got hold of one’s PAN Card, then you definitely are able to try to qualify to get a PAN Card by way of NSDL or even UTI by just filling up a simple sort. But do be quite careful while you fill in this sort as if by any possibility that your concentration lies elsewhere, then this is often one among the absolute most advanced varieties to fill up. pan card status by name and date of birth system available for easy method you can know pan card status online website

Pan Card Status SMS/Mobile

  1. The first way is the SMS facility.Applicants can track their PAN application status using this SMS Service.Here applicant has to send SMS as follows:

NSDLPAN followed by 15 digit acknowledgement number to 57575.Then the applicant will receive an SMS indicating their  current  application status.


2.Telephone facility is also provided to track the PAN application status.Here applicant can call the TIN call centre to get an update of the application status.And the TIN call centre Number is 020-27218080.After making a call to this Number applicant should also provide their acknowledgement number.


3.Applicants can also track the PAN application status through online bye accessing the official website of TIN-NSDL.

Also applicants should note that after submitting the “PAN Application” after 3 days only they can track their application status.

Now let us see how to track PAN application status online. Online Tracking of PAN application is very fast way of all the 3 modes of tracking the PAN application.Applicant should follow few steps for online tracking of the application.


1.First the applicant should go to the official website TIN-NSDL.And the Url  .After that applicant should log on to the site and navigate to the PAN section in this site.Once the applicant enters the PAN page then he can check the status of the application.


2.Now applicant have to choose the Application type(New PAN/Updated Information) and also provide with 15 digit Acknowledgement Number,Full Name and Date Of Birth.Also should enter the verify code at the bottom and click submit button.


3.After providing the necessary information and clicking the submit button the applicant will be directed to a page which shows the current status of the  application.Also you have to not that online tracking of the application is only possible after 24 hours of submitting the application online.

Pan Status

Pan Card UTI Status

Now let us see how to check UTI PAN Application Status.In order to track the PAN application status you should have the application number.Application Number should be noted down.You have to follow some steps to track the PAN application status. if you want to check pan card status by name and date of birth just you have to follow below given process

1.First you have to access the UTIITSL’s PAN Online portal.

2.Select “Track PAN Card application status”.

3.Select ”Click here to check status online”.

4.Enter your application coupon number.

5.Enter the verify code.

6.Click on submit button to find the PAN application status.

pan card status uti

Pan Card Status NSDL

Now let us find out how to track your NSDL PAN Status.On the NDSL website you can track application status as well as payment status.  For this the applicant have to follow some steps as follows.

How to Check Pan Card Status NSDL/UTI

here i am going to share how to know pan card status uti/nsdl. if your applied from nsdl pan card you have to check status from the pan card if you your applied friom the pan card status uti you have to check from uti aadhar card. those days back we were applied the pan card from the offline services but now a days we can apply the pan card from the official in online we can also apply the pan card

1.To track the PAN Card application,you have to click on “Track your PAN/TAN Application Status” under PAN cards.

2.Select your application type.

3.Enter your Acknowledgement number.

4.Enter your Name and Date of Birth.

5.Click on submit to view your status.

If you want to find the status of your payment then you can find it out by clicking on “Know status of your Credit Card Transaction for Online Application.”

1.Enter your Acknowledgement number or Transaction number.

2.Enter your name.

3.Enter your Date of Birth.

4.Clickon ‘Show status’ to know your transaction status.

Your transaction number will be displayed on the screen whether you pay with credit card,debit card or net banking.


pan card status nsdl

Pan Card Verification   

Now let us see about the PAN Transaction status.Individuals who apply for PAN can pay through dmand drafts,credit card,debit card or Online Banking.Transaction status is for those who pay through Net Banking,Credit or debit cards and it can be tracked online.For this Applicants should logon to the official website of TIN-NSDL and should navigate to the ‘Transaction Status’ page.Here they will get update of their PAN application.Here applicant should enter the transaction number which he got after making the payment,date of birth,name to check the status of their application.

The Government of India has made it compulsory for all of the NGOs and business entities to get a PAN card. Amendments have been suggested by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) for all of the IT and PMLA Acts to Find the PAN card in the time of incorporation. Each organization’s top executives too will need to submit their Aadhaar card particulars. This measure was taken to curb black money in India and remove the survival of benami properties.

However, prior to going on with all the Procedure, make Certain You possess one backup of One’s identity evidence, speech evidence, photograph and birth certificate scanned in the Sort of the gentle backup


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