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E Aadhar Card Download

Aadhar Card Download By Aadhar No & Enrolment No :hello friends today i am going to share eaadhar card download by aadhar number and aadhar card download by enrolment id. aadhar card is very important & best Document in every indians. eaadhaar card was established on 2008.  UIDAI(Unique Identification Authority of India)has issued a 12 digit unique identification number called as Aadhar for every indian on behalf of Indian Government. if you want to apply GAS You need aadhar card. if you have aadhaar card this is enough identity proof for every indian. government released a one role for should attach their driving licence with aadhar card. if your change and update , verify aadhar card don’t pay money in mee-seva centers if they are ask money you can complaint 1947 Toll Free Number and Report them.

eaadhar status

Every individual can avail Aadhar card as it is both residential and identification proof. here you can know about full information eaadhar card download by name and enrolment id. you can aadhaar card download here from official uidai website. eaadhar card download by name and date of birth option available you can check aadhar card download by aadhar card number. all the aadhar card users can download and check aadhar card status on official website uidai or below given links


Pan Card Status

Eaadhar Card Download Status @ eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in

aadhar card download by aadhar no

if you don’t know how to check “aadhar card status by name and pin code” just follow below given video. you can know how to check aadhar card status by name i hope this video and article very help for who are searching for aadhar card download status by name and date of birth


here we will update more information about aadhar card and how to download aadhar card . we can few ways to download aadharcard from the aadhaar card official website.

Step 1 :  aadhaar card download by name

Step 2 : aadhaar card download by eaadhaar number

Step 3 : eaadhaar card download by aadhar enrolment id.

Step 4 : Before downloading make sure that Aadhaar Number has already been issued.

Step 5: Once the application process is done,Aadhaar card can be printed online.

Step 6 : If you apply for Aadhar card it will be issued within 15 days and once it is issued copy of Aadhar card will be delivered at your door step within 3 months.Aadhar is must for every citizen.

download aadhar card Status uidai

The unique identification number is provided to infants,teenagers and adults. The identity of an individual can be authenticated any time and anywhere.It is responsibility of every citizen of india to enroll himself for the e-Aadhar Card.

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How to Download Aadhar Card By Name and Date Of Birth

if you don’t know how to download aadhar card don’t need to worry for aadhar card download . we made a video for how aadhaar download and given article for step by step process. you can watch above video for free “download aadhar card‘ and you can know about aadhaar download from this process.


aadhar card download by enrolment id

It is very simple to download Aadhar Card online.you just need an Internet Connection and a computer for it.The card can be downloaded with the help of Enrolment Number or Aadhar number.

The following are the few steps to follow to download e-Aadhar Card

Step 1 : Visit the website of e-Aadhar

Step 2 : Choose ‘Enrolment ID’ or ‘Aadhar

Step 3 : Enter your Enrolment ID or Aadhar number and also other details such as mobile number,PIN code,name.

Step 4 : Click on ‘get one time password’.

Step 5 : Password is recieved on mobile through a text message.

Step 6 : Input the OTP and click on ‘Validate and Download’

Step 7 : :The “e-Aadhar card” will be downloaded on the computer.

Since the file is password protected to open the Aadhar card you will have to enter a password.The PIN code will be your password.

Aadhar Card Password System Changed :

if you  had download aadhar card from uidai.gov.in website. you should enter password First Your four letter with Capital Letters and Date Of  Birth Year. We Will Given Below Examples

  1. ex : your name is RAKESH and Your Born On 1990. you should enter password = RAKE1990
  2. ex: Your Name Is VIRAT KOHIL and Your Born On 1985. you should enter Password = VIRA1985

those days back password was pincode of your area now trend changed eaadhar card website. now you have to enter your password. first four letter with date of birth year.

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Aadhar Card Download By Aadhar Card Number 

With the help of Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI) official website and by accessing this website we can easily download and print Aadhar card.Unlike voter ID card and PAN card it i very easy to get the copy of  Aadhar Card. “Aadhar card copy” is considered as valid Aadhar card letter. Any individual by using the Aadhar numberoriginally Unique Identification number(UID) can obtain adhar card online.


Acknowledge slip and reference details will be provided when you apply for Aadhar card.Basic details along with enrolement number and time stamp will be contained in the slip.you can either use UID or EID to retrive your e-Aadhar Card. if we want to eaadhar download we need aadhar card number and enrolment number

The following steps are to be followed to download and print your Aadhar Card:

  • Visit uidai.gov.in (the official website for Aadhar related services).
  • View the section ‘Aadhar enrolment’ under ‘Aadhar Online Services’.
  • Click on “Download eaadhar”.
  • The page will be redirected to https://eaadhar.uidai.gov.in/
  • Select the appropriate option depending on whether you have EID or UID.
  • Enter your Enrolment number/Aadhar Number.
  • Enter your personal details such as :
  • Full Name
  • PinCode
  • Mobile Number
  • Image Chaptcha
  • Click ‘One time Password(OTP)
  • OTP will be recieved on your mobile in few minutes.
  • OTP should be entered to validate and click download.
  • Aadhar card is downloaded in the PDF Format.
  • Adobe Reader is required to open this file.
  • The file can be opened by entering PIN code as password.


Once you are able to view Aadhar cad you can take the print of it and when ever and where it is required you can produce it.Since copy of Aadhar card is acceptable as a valid proof so there is no need to worry about losing your card.

Update Aadhar Card – aadhar card correction online without mobile number

The government of India provides Aadhar card for every citizen who born in India. The UIDAI portal will provide Aadhar card under the control of government which monitors and has the authority to provide the aadhar card for the people. UIDAI has the complete responsibility to safeguard the details of the enrolled aadhar details. Aadhar card is provided with 12-digit unique for each and every person. People who apply for the aadhar card should provide the details of name, address, date of birth, father’s name and bio-metric details such as fingerprints, iris etc.

aadhar card download

The changes in the aadhar card can be changed now using the appropriate details through the online UIDAI portal. The details of the aadhar holder’s just like the name, number, date of birth, the address can be changed easily by providing the relevant documents with the online form. Initially, there aren’t such facilities available to update or change option. Now the online portal brings the option to make it possible in short time. The updated details will be changed in a schedule of time where the officials from the UIDAI refer the provided documents in a span of time and update it officially. The mismatched documents will be rejected at the moment of time and then the applicants have to restart the update process again from the beginning.

Details to be changed or updated from aadhar card

Only a few of the details to be changed officially from the aadhar card and will be updated in the online portal as well. The update on “eaadhar card” can be initiated using the e-application generated from the UIDAI portal and to be filled with the necessary details to be updated with your individual aadhar card. It’s possible to change the name, number, date of birth, address from the official aadhar card. In the meantime, the details like fingerprints, photo and other bio-metric details couldn’t be changed or updated as recorded by the aadhar card official portal.

How to update aadhar address information change 

People who want to update details such as name, number, address, date of birth on their aadhar card should proceed from the online website or from the offline mode. The offline mode could take more time than the online method. So most people prefer to go with the online mode instead of the other method. For aadhar update through the online method will be initiated with the fee of Rs.25.

update eaadhar

2nd Step  : 

eaadhar card name change

3rd Step : 

aadhar update

4th Step : 



Steps to follow aadhar card update

  • Firstly visit the online page of the “UIDAI” portal using the official address.
  • Then click on the “eaadhar update” option from the homepage.
  • Then read the instructions carefully and collect the details you want to update.
  • Now enter your aadhar number and other details.
  • You will be notified with an OTP number to the registered mobile number.
  • Then enter the OTP number and initiate the update process.
  • Fill the details required and attach the documents as well.
  • Then check the application once and submit it via online mode.

The final decision and update of details will proceed after a certain period where the official check for the details provided by the applicants. The update will take place within 15 days of time.

 Print Aadhar Card

After the Aadhar card is downloaded we can print it.To print the Aadhar card you have to open the downloaded file which is in the form of PDF format.Once you open the file press print from the file menu or you can use the short cut from the keyboard ‘CTRL+P’.Suppose if you do not have printer then copy the downloaded file in the pen drive and visit the nearest cyber cafe and take the print.

eaadhar card

The process of printing the original and duplicate eaadhar card is same.Suppose if you have lost the Aadhar card then you can take the print by following the above steps.If at all you dont remember the Aadhar Number or EID then you can find it on the UIDAI website.

India Government is want to introduce a feature it will allow people link their aadhar card number with their BHIM Application. it will help fro who want to do online transections from BHIM app. once Your aadhar card successfully registred you will get acknowledgement SMS from your registerd mobile or Email Address. once you applied aadhar card it will be come in your entered home address.

Download eaadhar card by enrolment id no

Aadhar card can be obtained with the help of acknowledgement card which contains the vital details.The most important information we will find is time stamp and enrollment number (EID).using both EID and time stamp you can download th Aadhar card from (UIDAI)Unique Identification Authority of India’s website.The following steps are to be followed:

how to download aadhaar card @eaadhar.uidai.gov.in

  • Visit uidai.gov.in
  • Under Aadhar Online Services there is Download Aadhar select it.
  • You will be directed to e-Aadhar webpage.
  • Use your “acknowledgemet slip” to enter your 14 digit EID and the time stamp.
  • Enter mobile number,pincode,name and image chaptcha to generate an OTP.
  • Your mobile number will get the OTP.
  • Enter the OTP to validate the request.
  • Your Aadhar card will be downloaded on your computer.
  • To open the PDF file enter the area PINcode as the password.
  • Aadhar card will be in the form of PDF file which can be printed.It can be used as an original document.


If enrollment details or acknowledge slip is not there then you can visit the UIDAI website and find the lost EID.For that you have to follow these steps:

How to Download Aadhar Card by no and date of birth

  • Visit the website
  • Go to Aadhar Online Services and select Retrive Lost ‘UID/EID’.
  • Select to recieve lost EID.
  • Enter email,name,mobile number and security captcha to get OTP.
  • OTP will be recieved on the mobile number.
  • To validate the request enter the OTP.
  • Once the Otp verification is done you will be provided enrolment details.

Aadhar Card Status By Name and Pincode

Download Aadhar Card

  • First Open Official website or below given links
  • aadhar card uidai official will be open
  • there show looks like below given image

aadhar card status by name and date of birth


enrolment id number :  if you don’t know enrolment id you can check from aadhar card receipt. if you know aadhar enrolement id number you can enter the box

after enter the enrolment you have to enter the time and date of the aadhar card you can take it from the aadhar card receipt.  after you should verify the security code in the box

then click on aadhar card status. aadhar card will be display on the monitor/laptop. you can download and take receipt aadhar card.

Aaadhar Card Status By Name

Aadhaar Card Address 

  1. UIDAI
    Post Box No. 99
    Banjara Hills
    Hyderabad- 500034


Post Box No. 10
Madhya Pradesh- 480001

Get Aadhaar On Mobile Number :


you can get aadhaar on mobile number. if you want to get eaadhar on mobile number you should follow below given process.

Step 1 : Enrolment Id : they are asking enrolment id and date of time in the application form.

Step 2 : Mobile Number : You can watch above given image form. they are also aking mobile number. you have to enter correct vaild mobile number.

Step 3 : Enter Secrurity Code : you have to verify security code above given code.

Step 4 : OTP : you have to click get OTP and you will get OTP Within seconds. and click on submit button.

 Step 5 : after submit it you will get eaadhar on mobile number.

Aadhar Card Verification By Name

aadhar verification is a easy process for who are don’t know how to get aadhar card verification and what is aadharcard verification. it is process for verifying already existence of aadhar card. if you want to verify aadhar card you need submit 12 digit unique aadhar card number in aadhar verification form. most important verify your aadhar card. if you have any mistakes in your aadhar card you change while verifying aadhar. aadhar card candidate most need for change aadhar card or verify aadhar card.

aadhar card verification

How to Verify your aadhar card : 

  • Before going to verify your aadhar card you need to eaadhar card number. if you don’t have aadhar card number you can’t verify your aadhar card.
  • Visit Official website (or) Given links
  • Homepage will be open on the screen
  • click on aadhar card verification link
  • link will be open on your computer
  • enter your 12 digits unique identify number (aadhar card number)
  • and verify security code from given image
  • click on verify link
  • your verification will be complete successfully.

What is Aadhar Card ?

aadhar card is one of the best identity proof in india. aadhar card has a 12 – digit unique identification number issued from indian government. total information and date are maintaing UIDAI (unique identification authority of india )

What is the Use Of Aadhar Card ?

a huge number of ways to help aadhar card. aadhar card concept launched in 2009. most useful factors for use aadhar :
1. aadhar based direct benefit transfer (LPG Subsidy )
2. Passport
3. Digital Locker
4. Voter id card
5. pan card apply
6. Bank Account apply
7. Monthly pension
9. Provident Fund
10. Digital life certificate

Disadvantages of Aadhar ??

Aadhar card project was taken private companies who won round of auctions. aadhar sceme is governed by the supreme authority of the indian nation , there might arise few problems pertaining to the centralization of aadhar. all citizens date there.

Do you have problems/doubts With Aadhar ?

don’t worry if u have any kind of problems just contact official website of aadhar card they will help you as soon as possible.

Note : sorry to say this is not official website this website provided information only for helping purpose.

If aadhar registered mobile number not get OTP ?

Don’t worry. if you had attached your mobile number in aadhar card altough you will not get OTP that time you have to try after few hours. some times are aadhar servers are to busy that’s why it is can’t sent OTP

How to Register Mobile Number ?

No problem , if your not registered mobile number with aadhar. just you have to go nearest aadhar card center they will help you. i think it will be take time 2 to 4 days for update mobile number.

if you have any doubts about aadhaar card contact official uidai website. aadhar card is vital role for all india peoples. if we want to check aadhar card status we should go above given links or official uidai website. aadhar card is free for check status and download aadhar card also free. we can know easy for getting aadhar card status. you can know more about aadhar card from wikipedia